First, you need to check whether you are eligible.

If you are eligible, you need to fill out an Access Request form and provide medical information about your disability.

NDIS Booklet 1: Understanding the NDIS
This booklet talks about the NDIS. It will help you to check your eligibility and find out what supports and services are funded.

NDIS Booklet 2: Planning
This booklet will help you to understand your goals and supports.

NDIS Booklet 3: Using your NDIS plan
This booklet will help you understand how to use and review your plan.

NDIS Complex Support Needs Pathway
This update discusses improved NDIS planning for people with complex support needs.

Easy English NDIS Glossary
This sheet explains what the words used in the NDIS mean.

Health supports for people with disability
This booklet list examples of the 8 types of health support included in the NDIS.

What is an Access Request Form (NDIS)
You can now download the NDIS Access Request Form (ARF) online to apply for the NDIS. 

Who can help you with your NDIS application? (Brightwater)
This list gives you contact information for an NDIA office or Local Area Coordinator in your area.

Consent Forms for Participant Information (NDIS)
You can download forms to give consent for NDIA to share the information of an NDIS participant, or to give consent to a third party to act on behalf of an NDIS participant.

The 7 step process to achieving a quality NDIS plan (Brightwater) 
This form helps you to understand the different NDIS steps such as eligibility, access and pre-planning.

Insight into NDIS complex support pathways (National Disability Services)
This update discusses the 'Complex Support Needs' pathway recently developed by the NDIA.

How to test if you are eligible for the NDIS (NDIS)
Information around the Access Requirements for the NDIS.

How to fill out the NDIS Access Request form (Summer Foundation)
This guide explains how to do a NDIS Access Request Form correctly. 

NDIS Access Letter of Support - sample (Reimagine)
An example of how to write a support letter for the NDIS.

Medical report template (People with Disabilities WA)
This template helps medical professionals gather relevant information for the NDIS.

Evidence of psychosocial disability form (NDIS)
This evidence form makes it easier for people with a psychosocial disability to collect evidence for NDIS eligibility.

What I Do, Who I Know, What I Hope For (My Choice Matters)
A workbook that helps you think about things that can make your life good. Available in 8 languages.

Understanding Disability in Australia (Amparo Advocacy)
A factsheet available in 39 languages.

NDIS Mental Health Access Factsheet (NDIS)
This factsheet talks about mental health disability and the NDIS.

Yarnin' About Mental Health (NSW Government)
This factsheet talks about how the NDIS can help Aboriginal people with a disability.

If you are unhappy with the decision the NDIS has made about your eligibility, you can request that this decision be reviewed. You can find out more here.

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