NDIS Journey Map (Brightwater)
This flowchart is for organisations. It helps them understand everyone's role, and when they can help you.

Specialised tools

These tools are for service providers. They help service providers gather important information about how best to help you.

Complex Support Needs (Dowse/UNSW)
Please refer to pages 19, 21 and 23.

Mind Mapping (DDWA)
Please refer to pages 22-32.

Model of Citizenhood Questionnaire (JFA Purple Orange)

Medical information - Tips for your GP

This helps your doctor to understand the information that the NDIA needs. It explains how to write for the NDIA, and is different from other medical reports.

Disability Evidence chart
An example of the assessments needed.

Functional Impairment Report example (Brightwater)

Getting the Language Right (Summer Foundation)

How to get started

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