The below tools will help you get started with the NDIS, and will help connect you to informal, community, mainstream and NDIS supports.

All of the tools are available to download and print.

My Life Supports Map (Brightwater)

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Informal supports tools

Important People to Me (WAiS)
This one page picture chart asks you to think about important people in your life. This includes paid people, family, friends and others.

Community supports tools

My Community Supports (Brightwater)
This worksheet prompts you to think about what activities you do in the community.

Community Integration Questionnaire (Barry Willer)
This is a short tick box form created by Barry Willer in New York. It focuses on how included someone is in the community and home after an injury or disability.

Other services tools

Questions About My Life Tool and Worksheet (Brightwater)
This tool helps you to think about all areas of your life. It asks you questions which will help with planning your future. There is a page to write down or draw your answers.

Other Supports In My Life (Brightwater)
This worksheet prompts you to think about the supports in your life.

NDIS supports

NDIS Booklet 1: Understanding the NDIS
This booklet will help you get to know the NDIS, check your eligibility and find out what supports and services are funded.

NDIS Booklet 2: Planning
This booklet will help you understand your current supports, create an NDIS plan to achieve your goals and receive an approved NDIS plan.

NDIS Booklet 3: Using your NDIS plan
This booklet will help you understand, use and review your plan.

Easy English NDIS Glossary
This document explains what the words used in the NDIS mean.

Starting Your Plan (for people who don't speak English)

Applying for the NDIS

Once you're finished here, click below to find out how to apply for the NDIS.

Next Step

If you are over 16 and have a disability, you may be eligible for payments such as the Disability Support Pension, Rent Assistance or Mobility Allowance.

Click here for more information about payments and criteria.