Answer: You need to fill out an Access Request form and provide medical information about your disability

Navigating the NDIS

Consent to Exchange Information template (NDIS)
This form allows the NDIA to gather and share information about you.

The 7 step process to achieving a quality NDIS plan (Brightwater) 
This form helps you to understand the NDIS pathway. It also tells you what you need to do at each step of the journey.

How to fill out the NDIS Access Request form (Summer Foundation)
This booklet goes through a sample NDIS Access Request Form question by question. It explains what information needs to given at each answer. It also explains who needs to do each question.

Medical information: Tips for GPs and health professionals

A GP & Allied Health Professional's Guide to the NDIS (NDIS)
A short booklet to help professionals understand the NDIS and the role they play.

Functional Impairment Report example (Brightwater)
This helps your doctor to understand the information that the NDIA needs.  It explains how to write for the NDIA. This is different from medical reports.

Getting The Language Right (Summer Foundation)

Your Planning Meeting

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