Behavioural Assessment & Support

Working through behaviours of concern

At times, adults with complex disabilities express themselves in ways that can be challenging for others to deal with.

This might include high levels of anxiety, verbal aggression, physical violence, hostility, or inappropriate and socially isolating behaviour.

These complex behaviours affect everyone. They can make everyday interactions a daunting experience, and can cause a strain on relationships with loved ones.

How we can help

If you or the person you support has behaviours of concern, we can help you work through them.

At Brightwater, our qualified behaviour assessment & support team have the clinical expertise and experience required to support adults with behaviours of concern. We specialise in neurological disability, and work through challenging behaviours every day.

Our diverse team includes psychologists, social workers, and support staff who are trained to promote positive behaviour. We can help you understand behaviour triggers and develop a plan to address the underlying causes.

Our service helps our clients to:

  • Learn new ways to cope and better understand situations
  • Reconnect with their loved ones and social networks
  • Access and maintain stable accommodation and support teams
  • Enjoy participating in community activities
For more information on behavioural assessment and support, call 1300 223 968.

Arranging NDIS services

This doesn't have to be complex. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you going.

Get started

Free NDIS tools and resources

The NDIS Toolkit helps guide individuals with disability, families and carers to get access to and plan for the NDIS. Funded by the Department of Communities Disability Services, the toolkit will help you prepare for your planning meeting by taking out all the guesswork.