Home Care Services in Perth

One size doesn’t always fit all.

With a tailor-made Home Care Package, you can pick and choose the in-home care services that suit you. And at Brightwater at Home, we cover all the basics, plus some services you might not expect.

No matter what level of support you require, our helpful home care services are available across the Perth metro area.

Our home care services include:

  • Cleaning

    We can lend a hand with the essentials at home, including sweeping, mopping, ironing, dusting, vacuuming and more.

    Your support worker can keep your bathroom and kitchen spick and span, and can also keep on top of the laundry.

    For more heavy-duty cleaning like upholstery, windows, carpets, and “spring cleaning”, we can help arrange specialist services using funds from your package.

  • Gardening

    Got a green thumb? So do we!

    Our gardening service includes mowing, mulching, pruning, planting, weeding and more.

    We want you to keep doing what you love. We can raise your garden beds or install eco-friendly systems to keep you connected to nature.

  • Transport

    Your support worker can accompany you to appointments and social events with their own transport.

    We can arrange to drop you off or pick you up from somewhere, including the hospital.

    And if you want to get out and about on your own, we can even arrange taxi vouchers.

  • The Music Pharmacy

    Escape the ordinary and channel your inner creative!

    We'll inspire you to express yourself with a range of music programs, either at home or in the community.

    Let us know how you could tap into your creativity and we'll help you make it happen.

  • Social Support

    If you want to get more involved with the community, you can.

    We can arrange day trips and activities for a nice change of scenery. You could take up a new course, play a game of chess or simply visit the library.

    Whatever it is you want to do, we can do it with you.

  • Pet Support

    Furry friends like to get out and about, too.

    We’ll happily take your pet out for a walk, with a Frisbee in hand to fling around.

    And if you need to arrange grooming, vet appointments or pet sitting, we can help sort that out.

  • Home Modification

    If a few adjustments around the house can help you live independently, we’re all for it.

    We can add hand rails and ramps, widen doorways, change flooring or install electrics that improve your day-to-day life.

  • Shopping & Errands

    You can tick off your to-do list a whole lot quicker.

    Your support worker can help do the shopping, whether that’s for everyday groceries or birthday and Christmas presents. We’ll help you come up with ideas and can lend a hand when it comes to wrapping.

    And if you need to pop in to the pharmacy, post office, or drycleaner, that’s no problem.

  • Personal Care

    Feeling and looking your best will never go out of style.

    Your support worker can be on stand-by if you need extra support. Our personal services include hair care and shaving, make-up and beauty, getting dressed, oral health, continence management and showering.

  • Carer's Break (Respite)

    We all need a break now and then. Maybe there’s a to-do list to tick. Or a holiday on the horizon. Or maybe someone just needs to be a daughter again.

    Whatever the reason, our respite services are there so carers can take a breather whenever they need.

    Our Brightwater at Home team is trained to provide respite and care for people in their own homes, so there’s no need to worry.

    As part of our respite care service, our support workers coordinate meaningful activities and interactions in homes across Perth. This gives our clients the chance to experience new things, while giving carers the chance to take some time out.

  • Medication Management

    Your support worker can prompt you when it’s time to take your medication.

    In consultation with our nursing team, we can help you keep track of your Webster Pack and assist in applying topical creams or eye drops.

  • After-Hospital Care

    If you’re ready to go home but need a hand getting things in order, we can help you get settled.

    Our at home care service includes picking you up from the hospital, grabbing the groceries and planning your meals, looking after the laundry, getting the paper and the mail and setting up your home so you’re comfortable.

  • Transition Care Program

    If you’ve spent some time in hospital, we can help make the shift back home smooth and stress-free. If you’re medically stable but still need time to recuperate, our transition care program can help you get back on your feet.

    You’ll need to be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), but don’t worry – hospital staff can help arrange that.

    If you qualify, we’ll provide care services in your home for up to 12 weeks. Our trained team can provide all the assistance required, including:

    • Comprehensive clinical care
    • Occupational therapy support and assistance with equipment
    • Weekly physiotherapy in your own home
    • Speech therapy, diet, podiatry and reflexology services
    • Home Chef meals
    • A Tunstall personal alarm, if required

    If you're ready to go home, talk to your hospital team about transition care today.

  • Dementia Support

    Our allied health professionals and nurses use clinical education and experience to design strategies that improve engagement for people living with dementia.

    This includes sensory stimulation like listening to music to spark memories, getting involved in music programs, using communication books and storyboards, or GPS equipment and voice-automated clocks.

    At Brightwater, we're constantly learning more and more about dementia. The Brightwater Research Centre also undertakes important studies that enable better support and an improved quality of life for people living with dementia.

  • Meal Preparation

    If you want to bake your grandkid’s favourite cookies or make your famous lasagne, just tell us what we can do.

    Our meal preparation service includes chopping, grating, roasting, sautéing – you name it. We can even help prepare your weekly menu or arrange meal deliveries.

  • Nursing

    Have peace of mind knowing you can live independently and safely in your own home.

    In collaboration with your GP, our nursing team can provide the medical care you need. Our clinical services include assessments, wound care, medication management, continence and catheter care and chronic disease management.

  • Allied Health

    Improve your mobility, strength and confidence at home and in your community.

    You can access our wide range of health professionals, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, speech pathologists, music therapists and therapy assistants. We can also provide massage therapy, reflexology and lymphedema massage.

    We’ll work with you to put a goal-oriented plan in action, assisting you with reconditioning and rehabilitation after an injury or stroke.

  • Aids & Equipment

    There are lots of products out there that can help you maintain your independence and stay safe.

    After an assessment with our physiotherapists or occupational therapists, we can assist with the rental or purchase of mobility equipment, postural care products, and other aids. This includes pressure mattresses, walking frames, wheelchairs, arthritis cutlery and much more.

  • Assistive Technology

    Technology can make life a lot easier.

    We can help you arrange assistive technologies that do just that. This includes organising telehealth appointments or in-home monitoring, renting or purchasing iPads and personal alarms or organising computer education.

  • Exercise Plans

    Maintaining strength and mobility is important.

    Our physiotherapists can work with you to plan an exercise program that helps improve your overall strength and conditioning, so you can continue to participate in everyday activities.

Frequently asked questions

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  • What is the difference between CHSP and HCP?

    The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) provides entry-level support for older people who are still able to manage living at home, but could do with some extra assistance. Services are prescribed by a Regional Assessment Service (RAS) and could include domestic help, personal care and or deliveries. CHSP is government subsidised, but there are still some hourly fees.

    Home Care Packages (HCP) are also government subsidised, but are for older people who have more complex needs. There are four levels of packages, as determined by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Each package level has different funding, with recipients able to select what services they want to use their funding on.

    Visit our Fees & Funding page for more information.

  • Can I access services that are not covered in my funding?


    If services are not covered in your CHSP funding, you can self-fund for additional services.

    Those with Home Care Packages can use their funds for any services they like, and can also top up additional services using their own funds.

    For more information, give us a call on 1300 223 968.

  • How much do I need to pay for at home services?

    The hourly fee for CHSP is generally $12 an hour. If you are facing financial hardship, you may be able to have this waived.

    If you are receiving a home care package (HCP), you will pay a daily fee which is equal to 17.5% of the full aged pension.

    Visit our Fees & Funding page for more information.

  • Is support available if English is not my first language?

    Yes! Let us know your preferred language and we will do our best to pair you with a Support Worker who speaks your language.

  • What should I expect in my ACAT assessment?

    Times can vary, but assessments usually take between 45 and 75 minutes.

    An ACAT team member will visit you to gather all the information, asking a series of questions about your day-to-day life and health. They may ask you how you're managing with routine activities and if you require help with them, what support you have from family or friends, what health conditions you have or medications you take, how you feel your health is and whether or not you are having memory problems.

    They'll also make sure you understand the process of receiving aged care and discuss your options going forward. After your interview, they'll talk to the rest of their team and make a decision about the level of care you are eligible for.

  • What are the different levels of funding?

    Home Care Packages (HCP) provide four levels of funding.

    Level 1 is for basic care needs, Level 2 is for low level care needs, Level 3 is for intermediate care needs and Level 4 is for high level care needs. If you have entry-level care needs, you may be funded by the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).

    Visit our Fees & Funding page for more information.

    For more information on aged care funding, visit the My Aged Care website.