Our Purpose, Goals and Values

Our Purpose, Goals and Values

Our Statement of Purpose

To Enable Wellbeing

We are committed to providing people with the means, knowledge, opportunity and strength to achieve their goals and enjoy life’s possibilities.

Our Goal

Brightwater will enable more people to enjoy life's possibilities, by actively engaging with individuals and communities to deliver innovative, connected and responsive services.

Our focus will be people who are ageing or who have a neurological disability.

We will continue to use our specialist capability to respond to unmet needs and service gaps.

We will design and deliver new services, incorporating research and new technology to better meet customer needs.

We will hone our knowledge and depth of experience to develop innovative business models to benefit more people.

Our Values

Care – we care about and for each other

Learning – we continually respond to our own and other people’s changing needs

Innovation – we harness our creative energy and transform it into activities and outcomes that make a difference

People – we recognise and respect each other and every person and value all the relationships which connect us

By providing outstanding quality care and support, Brightwater strives to empower all people as they engage in their communities with purpose, dignity and peace of mind

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