Brightwater Care Group Limited is a public company limited by guarantee and a non-for-profit organisation. Brightwater receives funding from, and is accountable to, three government entities:

  • The Department of Health and Ageing
  • The Department of Health, WA
  • The Western Australian Disability Services Commission

A strong commitment to community service, which motivated the organisation’s founders, continues to underpin all our activities. While Brightwater is non-denominational, the organisation maintains a strong values-based culture and promotes partnership and teamwork as fundamental working models.

Board members are elected from subscribers, who are individual members of the company with constitutional objects, powers, rules and procedures.

The Board is responsible for governance and major directional policies and employs a Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer responsible for general and risk management and the provision of financial administrative services.

The Board acts in a voluntary capacity. There are four Board committees: Governance, Care, Audit and Risk, Business. 

An Annual Report is published every October, with an audited financial report for the preceding financial year. This is presented to subscribers, general members and guests at the Annual General Meeting.

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